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July 2018 Dividends

Hello everyone, thanks again for stopping by. Another month has passed, and it's time for a dividend income summary, although a bit late.

Apologies, the month of August has hit, and it is prime fantasy football preparation time!

So that has taken some of my time away from providing a timely update. I am looking forward to a couple of drafts that are coming up, as they are an experience in and of themselves, especially the live drafts. Those that play know of what I am speaking...

I won my 14-team league last year, and so I return as defending champ. Therefore I need to make sure I come strong to defend my title!

There actually are many parallels between fantasy football and investing, something I may tackle in a later post.

But I digress, back to the matter at hand...

For July 2018, while away, enjoying our honeymoon in the first half of the month, it was a pleasure to still see dividends being paid.

Now let's see how good July was to me.

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