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October 2016 Dividends

Greetings folks,

I'm a bit tardy, but I wanted to continue to show my monthly dividend income, to show my progress since starting dividend investing a few years back, and starting a DGI strategy this past March.

See my numbers for October 2016 below:

Taxable Accounts
Viacom (VIAB) -  $3.20
Cardinal Health (CAH) - $6.73
Prospect Capital (PSEC) - $3.75
Cisco Systems (CSCO) - $4.94
New Residential (NRZ) - $17.94

Taxable Account Total: $36.56

Roth IRA Account
iShares Core S&P Small Cap ETF (IJR) - $2.47
iShares Core S&P 500 ETF (IVV) - $12.13
Cardinal Health (CAH) - $5.84
Prospect Capital (PSEC) - $15.53

Roth IRA Account Total: $35.97

Overall Total Dividend Income for October 2016: $72.53

Forward 12-Month Projected Dividend Income: $1,285.97

My Thoughts
Unfortunately the January/April/July/October months are my lowest months for dividend income. I've been meaning to contribute more to the companies that pay in these months, to balance it out with the other months, however, these …