December 2019 Dividends

Hello everyone,

It's been quite the hiatus for me, as my last dividend update was for June 2019. I wish I had amazing excuses for this, but I don't unfortunately. Just various things getting in the way, which I allowed to stop me from posting consistent updates.

We did manage to close on our new house at the end of August, with a few minor projects to take care of shortly afterward. However, other than that, any other reasons I can muster for my hiatus would be laughable at best. I hope to get back on track going forward with regular updates.

With these particulars out of the way, let's get to the numbers for December:

December 2019 Dividend SummaryTaxable AccountsCompanySymbolDateAmountCumminsCMI12/2/2019$10.49WW GraingerGWW12/2/2019$15.84KrogerKR12/2/2019$3.04HanesBrandsHBI12/3/2019$1.95Emerson ElectricEMR12/10/2019$3.00