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April 2017 Dividends

Hello everyone,

So all my April 2017 dividends are in, and there actually a couple days left in April, so I figured it would be good to get a jump on my dividend report.

Taxable Accounts
Walmart (WMT) - $1.53
Cardinal Health (CAH) - $7.18
Prospect Capital (PSEC) - $20.20
Cisco Systems (CSCO) - $11.02
New Residential (NRZ) - $18.72

Taxable Account Total: $58.65

Roth IRA Account
Cardinal Health (CAH) - $5.91

Roth IRA Account Total: $5.91

Overall Dividend Income for April 2017: $64.56

Forward 12-month Projected Dividend Income: $1,732.35

My April Buys:
Cardinal Health (CAH) - 6 shares
CVS Health (CVS) - 6 shares
Lazard Ltd (LAZ) - 2 shares
Qualcomm (QCOM) - 3 shares
VF Corporation (VFC) - 9 shares
Williams-Sonoma (WSM) - 6 shares
W.W. Grainger (GWW) - 1 share

For April I decided to take advantage of some pullbacks to either start or add to some positions. I also received my yearly bonus at the end of March, so I put that money to work in April to give that dividend train a little more fuel!


March 2017 Dividends

Another month gone, and here we are in April. A great time to summarize my dividend income for March 2017. I've made a conscious effort, to not procrastinate with these updates, as I had a stretch where I was not publishing these until the next month was half over!

Not a good look.

To keep this top of mind, I decided to get on the ball once the month to be summarized ends.

So here we are. As you follow along, you'll see as I did, that this turned to be a pretty good month!

Let's get to the summary:

Taxable Accounts
Intel (INTC) - $2.86
Cummins (CMI) - $8.20
Target (TGT) - $28.80
Emerson (EMR) - $4.80
Compass Minerals (CMP) - $7.20
Flower Foods (FLO) - $18.88
Prospect Capital (PSEC) - $20.05
Qualcomm (QCOM) - $27.98
VF Corp. (VFC) - $7.98
Vanguard High Dividend Yield  ETF (VYM) - $7.37
Vanguard REIT Index Fund (VNQ) - $3.68

Taxable Account Total - $137.80

Roth IRA Account
Vanguard High Dividend Yield ETF (VYM) - $20.34
Vanguard Growth ETF (VUG) - $1.52
iShares S&P Small Ca…