About Seeking the Dividends

Who is Seeking the Dividends?

I am an engineer in my early 40s, who recently decided to get serious about personal finance after being 20 yrs late to the topic. I decided it was time to grow my money, and have started a journey in investing.

This blog is an account of my journey within the Dividend Growth Investing method, since March 2016. I started dividend investing in 2014, but allocation of funds to invest had been sporadic, and I did not really understand all that goes into evaluating a company. I am learned much since then, and am still learning, but have definitely improved in this arena.

In documenting my DGI journey, my hope is to show my progress, but also bring some accountability to my goal of financial independence. I welcome you, the reader, to interact, as I go forward on this journey, and share my experience. I also hope to share some suggestions regarding personal finance in a broader sense that allow me to save money, and put it to work through investing.


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