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My Current Portfolio

My intention is to regularly update this post with my current portfolio as I add/remove positions from it. Also, I'll focus on my non-401(k) investments. With my 401(k), I only have a limited pool of index funds to choose from, and have set up an allocation that works for my age and risk tolerance.

Anyway, on to my current portfolio of taxable accounts and Roth IRA:

Non-401(k) Portfolio as of 8/18/16:

CompanySymbolTotal Shares% PortfolioTaxable Acct SharesRoth IRA SharesAbbott LabsABT60.1459.25%3525.145AmerigasAPU25.5284.07%25.5280AppleAAPL72.65%70AT&TT27.3343.92%27.3340Cardinal HealthCAH246.86%

Regret and Hope

My feelings while engaging in investing, seem to exist on the spectrum between these two extremes:


I've only been investing outside of my 401(k) for a couple years. Once I started (a year before turning 40), and began understanding what I was doing, my initial feelings, beyond the initial excitement of "getting in the game", were feelings of regret.

I was virtually kicking myself multiple times for starting this so late.

First off, by this time I could have had a much bigger portfolio, paying much higher in dividends by now, if I had started upon employment after college. I might even be close to that early retirement number by now.

Second, I think of all the money up to this point that was spent on nonsense that is either gone down the drain, or tied up in things that are sitting in my place of residence that I no longer use (my girlfriend and I will be soon starting a de-cluttering activity for my place to rid myself of such items).

Now, I understand that one oug…

Recent Transactions - 8/16/16

It's been a while since I summarized my recent transactions, so I'll do that here, and the list is longer than usual, as I am including all transactions since my last recent transactions post. This is a combination of new positions opened, as well as adding to existing positions. There were no sells for this period, so these are all adds to my portfolio.

New positions:

FLO: Flower Foods. SureDividend opened my eyes to this one, as it had not previously been on my radar. I had been on the lookout for adding companies in slower changing industries (to where moat sizes do not change overnight, such as what may occur within the technology industry), and it turns out that you'll find few slower changing industries than bread, as Flower Foods is a company specializing in bakery products. They are also looking to incorporate healthier organic foods into their products, which is a plus for me. Most of the metrics looked very favorable (P/E less than 20 and comparing well to its hist…

July 2016 Dividends

So just like that we're into another month, August, so that means it's time to look back on progress made in the previous month. So for July 2016, let's look at the numbers:

Taxable Accounts:
Viacom (VIAB) 7/1/16 - $6.40
Cardinal Health (CAH) 7/15/16 - $3.59
Prospect Capital (PSEC) 7/21/16 - $18.76
Cisco Systems (CSCO) 7/27/16 - $4.68
New Residential (NRZ) 7/29/16 - $17.94

Taxable Account Total: $51.37

Roth IRA Account:
I received no dividends from my Roth IRA holdings, although I was expecting to get a payment from one of my newer holdings, Toronto - Dominion Bank (TD) on 7/31. According to and a few other sources, the ex-dividend date was 7/6/16, the record date was 7/8/16, and the payment date was 7/31/16.  On 7/5/16, I purchased 22 shares of TD, so I figured I was in line to receive my TD dividend for July, but nothing has appeared as of yet. I'm hoping it will show up in the first week of August (not sure if there is some delay since it is a Canadian ban…