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Recent Transactions - Late June/Early July 2016

Normally I would just be posting about my recent buys, but this time I had a sell in there, with my buys. After much inner debate with myself, I decided to sell some shares of my company stock, as when compared with the companies I research and decide to buy stock in, there really is no comparison, as without the 15% discount, I would not normally be a buyer of my company stock. Thus, I decided to sell 50 shares and use the proceeds to fund my Roth IRA as well as my taxable Robinhood account.

This in addition to my normal contributions at the end of my pay periods, investing the surplus resulted in the following additions to my portfolios

Below are my buys. For Robinhood buys, I try to take advantage of the lack of commission fees, so these buys are more common (usually weekly), and so the quantities are typically lower than adding to my TD Ameritrade Taxable account, or my Roth IRA (which charge $9.99 per trade).

CSCO - Cisco
Cisco has been accused of being "Old Tech" as it …

June 2016 Dividends

With it being the beginning of July, it makes it a good time to reflect on the dividends received last month. It pleases me to say that June 2016 was my best ever month for dividends received at over $90 (vs $59 from May 2016, and $57 from March 2016). My ETFs paying out at the end of June were a big reason, especially those in my Roth IRA. Let's get to it:

Taxable Accounts (Robinhood & TD Ameritrade):
INTC - $2.86
EMR - $1.43
PSEC - $18.50
QCOM - $22.29
VYM - $7.54
VNQ - $4.64

Total: $57.26

Roth IRA:
VYM - $20.23
IJR - $2.50
IVV - $10.98

Total: $33.71

The grand total was $90.97 combined between the two groups, and this does not include any of my 401(k) investments. After a couple years of dividend investment (though most of that was not consistent, and was not dividend growth investing, I only started with DGI in March 2016) My goal is to bring my taxable account dividend monthly income to match my monthly expenses, but I also want to make sure my retirement accounts are maxed …