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August 2017 Dividends

Hello everyone,

I'm a little tardy on my August update, as things have been kind of crazy to start the month with respect to normal life stuff. I normally write these in the first week of the month, but in the first week of September we were away for a week, visiting friends and family in the DC/Alexandria VA area.

Part of this time though, I was fortunate to be able to attend an awesome sushi gathering with a bunch of awesome PF bloggers based in the DC area. They have much better blogs than this one, and were pretty cool to hang out with. Feel free to check out their blogs below:

Reaching for FI
Feminist Financier
Military Dollar
Zero Day Finance
Hungry Being
Woman Vs. Loans
ZJ Thorne

and also give a Twitter follow to:

When I made mention of sushi, this is the magnitude of what we were dealing with:

All gone in a matter of minutes. Clearly, these were not amateurs...

Also while in the area, we were able to enjoy visiting some of my fiancee's family, participate in my…