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Recent Buys: Feb 2017 and March 2017

Hello everyone,

I am in the midst of what I expect to be my best dividend month ever, so I am happily collecting the money as it is delivered. What made that possible, however were the buys I made in recent months, so I thought I'd take some time to review them, and go through my reasoning for the purchases. Perhaps others can get some ideas from this to see if they would like to perform further research on these companies to see if they might be good additions to their watchlists.

I keep an extensive Google spreadsheet listing companies I own (24), and companies to keep an eye on (about 70, and adding to this frequently). I record various metrics (P/E, Shiller P/E, P/E histories, Industry P/Es, EPS growth rate, Dividend Growth Rate, Chowder Number, Beta, Payout Ratio, etc), and compute an average fair value based on various valuation metrics (I usually target a price 90% or lower than this calculated value to be a candidate for purchase), as well as provide a combined ranking bas…

Save Money on Groceries, Free Up Money to Invest

A significant part of having your money work for you, is having it not "not work" for you.

What does this mean? It means that if you limit the money that goes to areas that guarantee it won't work for you (ie, won't grow or pay you pack over time), then you can allot more to areas where it will work for you.

One common expense where this can be utilized is in grocery shopping.

We all gotta eat, and so why not be efficient in how we obtain the food we need? The money you spend on food is not working for you, in the sense that it is not appreciating.

The food you buy is there for you to consume to sustain living, and when it is gone, it is gone. You are then left to find more food for sustenance, and thus, spend more money to acquire this food.

The more money you can save grocery shopping, the more that money that can be accumulated, and used in acquiring assets that pay you over time (like, you know, dividend growth stocks, for example)

There was a time when I believe…