June 2016 Dividends

With it being the beginning of July, it makes it a good time to reflect on the dividends received last month. It pleases me to say that June 2016 was my best ever month for dividends received at over $90 (vs $59 from May 2016, and $57 from March 2016). My ETFs paying out at the end of June were a big reason, especially those in my Roth IRA. Let's get to it:

Taxable Accounts (Robinhood & TD Ameritrade):
INTC - $2.86
EMR - $1.43
PSEC - $18.50
QCOM - $22.29
VYM - $7.54
VNQ - $4.64

Total: $57.26

Roth IRA:
VYM - $20.23
IJR - $2.50
IVV - $10.98

Total: $33.71

The grand total was $90.97 combined between the two groups, and this does not include any of my 401(k) investments. After a couple years of dividend investment (though most of that was not consistent, and was not dividend growth investing, I only started with DGI in March 2016) My goal is to bring my taxable account dividend monthly income to match my monthly expenses, but I also want to make sure my retirement accounts are maxed out as well, so I can take advantage once I reach the appropriate age. I still have a good 20 years before then, so I want to keep the appropriate balance while I grow my dividend income in the taxable account. This amount is not terribly high at the moment, but it is $57 higher than I would have had otherwise, and it will be growing in the future. Sounds pretty good, if you ask me.


  1. Good start. stay patient and keep moving forward. Congrats on achieving your best month. With DGI investing, you will be saying that a lot more often. Keep it up!
    -Brian @ Pluggingandplaying.com

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement! I definitely will keep it up as I now see a way forward, thanks to other DGI bloggers, such as yourself.

  2. It's always nice to tally up your dividends at the end of each month and see how much money was earned passively. Some names I like up there and others that I wouldn't put in my portfolio. Interesting to see VNQ as I started getting into REITs relatively recently with the health REITs but also looking into apt. REITs like AVB or EQR or just buy the whole sector with VNQ. Keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the comment and encouragement! Some of the names in there are holds from my early yield-chasing days. They pay a big yield, and they have not cut the dividend since I have owned them, so I figured I'd hang on to them until I see otherwise. The dividends that do come in, I allocate to other companies. A couple I have sold recently because of dividend cuts (especially EFC, ugh that was a fail!), and reallocated the capital to other holdings.

      I am looking into other REITs but haven't felt good enough to pull the trigger. I really should have put VNQ in my Roth, but I had not started my Roth until April of this year, and had bought VNQ a couple yrs ago. It has been surging, but the price is so high now, I wouldn't be a buyer at this point.

      Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for all the inspiration you and the other DGI bloggers provide!


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