Recent Buy for the Roth

So far for 2016, I had not contributed yet to my Roth IRA account (other than the $5500 I rushed in to contribute and mark for the 2015 tax year), so I felt it was time to correct that. I had been making some good progress with my Robinhood account which I had just opened a few months ago, but since that is a taxable account, I really should have been contributing to my tax-advantaged Roth ahead of that.

So with my first official contribution for 2016, I decided to go healthcare, and I bought 25 shares of Abbott Laboratories (ABT). For my Roth, since the plan is not touch the money until I reach 59.5, I wanted to have a long term view and gain shares in a company that I had confidence in their long term vision. Abbott is such a company for me. It has been beat up a bit lately due to recent acquisitions , and taking on additional debt, but I believe these to be temporary challenges, and I think they have set themselves up well for the future. I am willing to acquire shares now at a reasonable price, get paid to wait via the dividend, until things sort themselves out with the acquisitions, leading to future growth.

At this point, I am holding IVV, IJR, VYM, and ABT in my Roth. Next month I expect to contribute again, and I'll see at that time, which company/companies I want to invest in.


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