DGI Payments Are Starting to Roll In

As mentioned in my Starting Point post, I made the switch back in March 2016 to Dividend Growth Investing. It has taken a couple months or so, but I am starting to see the fruits of labor of that switch. Stocks that I had purchased at that time, are getting to their Ex-Dividend, Dividend Record Dates, and Dividend Payment dates, and am starting to see these new payments coming in. It sure is a sight to behold, as I am getting that momentum ball rolling.

This past May I received $3.42 from Apple (AAPL), $1.04 from Abbott Laboratories (ABT), in addition to the amounts I received from pre-DGI holdings AT&T (T): $12.96, Prospect Capital (PSEC): $18.50, and Amerigas (APU): $23.50. The pre-DGI holdings do have a 2 year head start on my new DGI positions, but soon enough they will catch up. For May 2016, it was a grand total of $59, not an obscene amount of wealth, but it is better than $0, and I can get the compounding machine rolling in the right direction this time. I also just received $2.86 from Intel (INTC) on June 1st. These are small amounts now, but I will build on these positions, and they will compound, and I am excited to see what they will become once they have had a couple years to grow.

May has actually been the month of adding to my small ABT position, as I like the direction they are headed, even though they are dealing with some headwinds from the acquisition of St. Jude's Medical as well as their earlier acquisition of Alere. I loaded up on 30 additional shares, after the May Dividend Record date, so I won't see these fruits until August, but am excited for the future, both of this company, and of my portfolio.


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