June 2020 Dividends

Hello folks,

Thanks again for stopping by. As we are now into early July, it is time once again for another dividend income summary.

Let's take a look at how June 2020 treated me:

June 2020 Dividend Summary
Taxable Accounts
WW GraingerGWW6/1/2020$15.84
Aflac Inc.AFL6/1/2020$19.88
Emerson ElectricEMR6/10/2020$3.00
International Business Machines CorpIBM6/10/2020$3.26
Snap OnSNA6/10/2020$37.80
Walgreens Boots AllianceWBA6/12/2020$53.99
3M Corp.MMM6/12/2020$47.04
Flower Foods, IncFLO6/19/2020$13.80
iShares Large Cap S&P 500 ETFIVV6/19/2020$51.70
VF CorpVFC6/22/2020$10.08
Vanguard High Yield Dividend ETFVYM6/25/2020$3.02
Taxable Accounts Total$401.43
Roth IRA Account
iShares Small Cap S&P 500 ETFIJR6/19/20$3.46
iShares Large Cap S&P 500 ETFIVV6/22/20$18.70
Vanguard High Yield Dividend ETFVYM6/25/20$33.39
Vanguard Growth ETFVUG6/30/20$3.47
T Rowe PriceTROW6/30/20$13.54
Roth IRA Account Total$72.56
Overall Dividend Income Total$473.99
Forward 12-month Projected Dividend Income Total

With June being my highest ever dividend income month, I'd say it's treated me quite well. It would be nice to cross the $500 milestone before we get into 2021.

Here were my transactions for June 2020:

June 2020 Transactions

In contrast to my May 2020 update, there were no sells for June. There were quite a few buys though.

As far as new positions opened, I started investing in Enterprise Bancorp, Inc. (EBTC). This is the holding company of Enterprise Bank and Trust Company, which is a regional bank in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. They have had good steady growth and increased their dividend for 26 consecutive years. They were also able to grow during the Great Recession, which caught my attention. I bought 31 shares in June, which equates to $21.70 in forward 12-month dividend income.

I also added to these existing positions:

  • Aflac, Inc. (AFL): 5 shares bought, equates to $5.60 in forward 12-month dividend income.
  • Ameriprise (AMP): 5 shares bought, equates to $20.80 in forward 12-month dividend income,
  • Bank OZK (OZK): 1 share bought, equates to $1.09 in forward 12-month dividend income.
  • Snap-On (SNA): 3 shares bought, equates to $12.96 in forward 12-month dividend income.
  • Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA): 1 share bought, equates to $1.87 in forward 12-month dividend income.
So in total, my June 2020 buys equated to $64.02 in additional forward 12-month dividend income.

My Current Thoughts

So, as I write this, in early July 2020, I think it is becoming painfully clear that there is no quick fix to this COVID-19 situation. Just when we were feeling better about things, and places started to reopen, the cases shot way back up again, and we might be looking at either a return to lockdowns, or accelerated spread rates, with more contact happening between people (and some people not taking the needed precautions and not taking it seriously). I would encourage people to think about others, and take the proper precautions to limit the spread: social distance, wash hands, use sanitizer, and wear a mask. It seems crazy to me that sports leagues are talking about having seasons, given where we are, especially for contact sports, like american football.

Anyway, that's my $0.02 on this COVID situation. It's becoming clear this is not a short-term inconvenience for a few months, but that it is something we will need to manage through until we have a vaccine, possibly into 2021 and beyond. People are still dying from this thing, so it is best that we do take it seriously and take the necessary precautions. It most definitely is a new normal, and it is not time to be complacent. Also, there could be other viruses/pandemics lurking, and I'd be very concerned if they start taking hold before COVID-19 subsides.

Because of this, I see the market as being a bit too overly optimistic, where there could be pain up ahead, especially with the virus spreading at such a fast rate. I have a feeling we could reach a point when it does become clear to the market that we are in for the long haul with this virus and it stops being so optimistic. For this reason, I still remain relatively conservative on where I invest my money, focusing on quality companies that have paid dividends for at least 10 years, and have been able to maintain rising revenues and earnings (so they can keep paying their dividends, and hopefully raise them annually).

Dividend Income History

Let's now take a look at my dividend income history in tabular and graphical form:


With the above table and graph it is clear to see how good of a month June was, as it was my highest dividend earning month by a good $50+. I think this is a function of my recent stock purchases being mostly ones that pay out their dividends on the third month of the quarter. 

Comparing with the previous quarter and year gives us a better look:

%Chg Qtr%Chg Year
Jun 202012.17%142.64%

It was a modest increase over the last quarter, but over the last year it was a tremendous increase since June 2019, going from $195.35 to $473.99. If only I could get such a raise at the full-time job. 


It looks like I have a good chance of hitting a $500 dividend month soon enough, maybe even before we get to 2021. We'll see if it happens, but otherwise I'll keep my head down, and keep adding where I can, and see when I actually hit that milestone.

Overall, it's hard to complain about the numbers for this month. 

However, enough about me, how was your June 2020? Let me know in the comments below!


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