April 2019 Dividends

Hello good people,

Welcome to another dividend update, this time in a more timely manner. I hope to continue that trend in the coming months.

Let's get to it, and see what happened in April:

Taxable Accounts
Cardinal Health Inc.CAH4/15/2019$12.86
Cisco Systems, Inc.CSCO4/24/2019$9.80
Taxable Accounts Total$22.66
Roth IRA Account
T. Rowe Price Group Inc.TROW4/1/19$11.02
Vanguard Growth ETFVUG4/3/19$3.54
Kimberly-Clark Corp.KMB4/3/19$9.52
Cardinal Health Inc.CAH4/16/19$12.80
W.P. Carey Inc.WPC4/16/19$10.80
Roth IRA Account Total$47.68
Overall Dividend Income Total$70.34
Forward 12-month Projected Dividend Income Total

The first month of the quarter is usually the lowest for my dividend income, and on top of that, my April numbers were impacted by my selling of stocks to come up with house down payment money, as referenced in my March 2019 update. As a result the numbers above are lower than recent numbers for the first month of a quarter. The intent is to grow the income further in the months ahead.

April 2019 Transactions

It felt good to get back to adding to the portfolio again. I started adding after the stock sale mentioned earlier. I continued adding to my Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA) position, as I see that as one of the best values currently.

Let's now take a look at my dividend income history:


In addition to the above, the table below shows how the April 2019 dividend total compares with numbers from the previous quarter and also one year ago:

%Chg Qtr%Chg Year
April 2019-27.57%-10.28%

One look at the dividend history table and graph above does not need Sherlock Holmes to deduce that April 2019 was a relatively low month as far as dividend income. The impact of stock sales in March 2019 is starting to take effect on the monthly totals.

Compared with the previous quarter (January 2019: $97.11), the April 2019 dividend total dipped quite a bit at -27.57% for the reasons already highlighted. Compared with the numbers from a year ago (April 2018: $78.40), there was a less dramatic dip at -10.28%.

For the reasons mentioned, I feel there is a silver lining to the April 2019 results, as going forward with regular contributions to the portfolio, I expect the totals for the first month of each quarter to go up from here. That is, until another major expense comes along that would require another stock sale from the portfolio. Until then, it will be good to see the numbers increase once again.

So there you have it for an April 2019 summary of dividend income. A bit of a dip, but hopefully a bit of a launching pad for numbers in the future.

How was your April? Let me know in the comments below!


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