June 2018 Dividends

Hello everyone,

Thanks for stopping by once again. Apologies, the update is late this time around, but for good reason. Between the last day of last month (June) and middle of this month (July), I got married, had an amazing ceremony and reception, and then jetted off to the Caribbean for a nice honeymoon. Naturally I was preoccupied with other things!

So I did not have the opportunity yet to summarize. I think I have a good excuse, right?

It was a great experience, and always a unique one when it is your day. Obviously, it will be a day that I won't forget, and wouldn't trade it for anything.

Ok, on to the business at hand, let's summarize last month's dividend income.

Taxable Accounts
Intel Corp.INTC6/1/2018$3.30
WW Grainger Inc.GWW6/1/2018$20.40
The Kroger Co.KR6/1/18$0.88
Cummins Inc.CMI6/1/18$8.64
Walmart Inc.WMT6/4/18$1.56
Hanesbrands IncHBI6/5/18$1.95
Intl Business Machines Corp.IBM6/9/18$3.14
Target CorpTGT6/10/18$38.44
Emerson Electric Co.EMR6/11/18$4.85
Compass Minerals Intl Inc.CMP6/15/18$11.52
VF CorporationVFC6/18/18$18.40
Qualcomm Inc.QCOM6/20/18$37.78
Flower Foods Inc.FLO6/21/18$21.24
Vanguard Real Estate ETFVNQ6/21/18$4.53
Vanguard High Dividend Yield ETFVYM6/28/18$8.30
Taxable Accounts Total$184.93
Roth IRA Account
Vanguard High Dividend Yield ETFVYM6/28/18$23.58
Vanguard Growth ETFVUG6/28/18$3.40
T. Rowe Price Group, Inc.TROW6/29/18$10.08
Roth IRA Account Total$37.06
Overall Dividend Income Total$221.99
Forward 12-month Projected Dividend Income Total

Also during June, I managed to make some buys:

June 2018 Transactions

I continued to add to my Procter & Gamble (PG) position while I still believed it to be undervalued. Then I decided to start a position with Walgreens (WBA), a company still achieving good growth, earnings and dividend-wise that appeared to be undervalued. There are fears about Amazon getting into the healthcare/pharmacy space, but I believe these to be overblown, and expect growth to continue. In addition, I decided to add to my Cardinal Health position in my Roth IRA account, as I will no longer be able to add to that account, but still had a decent cash amount. I decided to still put it to work toward CAH, who has been having a rough go recently, which is mainly due to their Cordis business, whereas the other functions are doing well. I expect them to be able to turn it around with Cordis, and then have their overall results better once again, though it will take some time.

Let's take a look at the dividend income history:


...and in graphical form:

Taking a look back at recent results, let's compare quarters and years


In the previous quarter (March 2018), the dividend income was $232.83. Unfortunately, we do not see an increase for June 2018, as it came in at $221.99, for a decrease of 4.7%. A simple explanation points to the fickle nature of the timing of iShares ETF payouts landing sometimes in the last days in the 3rd month of a quarter, and sometimes in the early days of the following month. The payouts for IVV (S&P 500 ETF) and IJR (S&P Small Cap ETF) did not make it in June, but instead came in early July. It was close to $18 that June missed out on.

Oh well, hopefully the next time around those payouts make it in that 3rd month of the quarter.


A year ago in June 2017, the dividend income was $198.86. So in one year, this income increased by +11.6%, quite a respectable change, that I will not complain about. I hope to continue this for next year!

So, the 3rd month of each quarter continues to be my "money" month for dividends, resulting in my highest for the trio. Hopefully I can get back to increases each quarter, but we'll see how it goes.

The wedding and its expenses are behind us, but next on the horizon is saving for a house down payment, so most of my savings will go into that, and I will invest what small amounts that I can. I will continue to be accountable each month, and share my results.

I will stop here, however, and smell the roses with my wife as newlyweds, and enjoy this time.

My June 2018 (and a bit of July 2018) was fairly nice, How was yours?

Let me know in the comments below!


  1. congrats seeking. very valid reason to not be posting for awhile.

    nice dividend growth and new buys.

    keep it up

  2. CONGRATS!! How exciting. Hopefully you enjoyed your big day and the honeymoon. Man I wish I could go back to our honeymoon. It was so freaking relaxing. Also, nice dividend increase as well!!



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