January 2018 Dividends

Welcome back everyone,

We just finished the first month of the new year (we can still call it new, I think...), so it is time to summarize another month of dividend income.

Let's hop to it:

Taxable Accounts
Cardinal HealthCAH1/15/18$10.17
Cisco SystemsCSCO1/24/18$11.02
New ResidentialNRZ1/30/18$19.50
Taxable Accounts Total$42.22
Roth IRA Account
Walt DisneyDIS1/11/18$9.31
Cardinal HealthCAH1/16/18$10.71
WP CareyWPC1/16/18$10.10
Roth IRA Account Total$30.12
Overall Dividend Income Total$72.34
Forward 12-month Projected Dividend Income Total

January 2018 Transactions
HBI (Hanesbrands)4NoneN/A

I managed to get a few buys in, as once again, if you've been reading recent summaries, most of my money saved is earmarked for wedding expenses. I'm trying to get a share purchase in each week via my Robinhood account, just to keep some momentum going with increasing income. So far so good. 

Nothing new here with Hanesbrands and IBM, 2 companies who were at good valuations at the time. The market did run up a bit since when I bought them, but it looks like at the very end of January and early February, the markets are cooling off, so at least the valuations are improving for these and other stocks I may want to look at.

Let's now take a look at the dividend payment history:


...and then in graphical form:

As expected, the first month of the quarter is the lowest, and hopefully at some point there will be more of a balance, but that is not the priority at this time. Let's take a closer look:


My January 2017 income was $70.45, so the difference is only about a 2.7% increase. A little disappointing, but at least it is going in the right direction. This is not surprising, however, as most of my buys in the past year were to companies that pay out in the 2nd and 3rd months of the quarter.


In the last quarter, my income for October 2017 was $79.06. You probably see where this is going. This is actually an 8.5% decrease. There is a good reason for this also. As it turned out, in October, payments from the IVV and IJR ETFs did not make it in the end of September, as expected, and they ended up in the beginning of October. This totaled up to $17.61. So, removing that from the October total yields $61.45. This would then have resulted in a 17.7% increase. Anyhow, it is a decrease from the last quarter, so I will look at it as such.

In Conclusion:

January 2018 is gone, and I was able to log some more dividend payments. Progress has slowed down considerably, due to saving for other life events, but we are still chugging along trying to grow the dividend income. It is good to see the year over year increase, and so I am pushing forward.

So those are my numbers for January 2018, how was your month?

Let me know in the comments!


  1. Thanks for sharing your progress! I love the charts and companies that paid during the month, especially Disney and Cisco. Those are stocks I need to own. I love your second last chart that shows the dividend income increasing over the years. Although progress has slowed, it's great to see that your portfolio is chugging along. Have a great week! :)

    1. and thank you, Reverse the Crush, for paying a visit! Good to see you're eyeing Disney and Cisco. Valuation is mainly subjective, but I think Disney looks a little more attractive from a valuation standpoint.

      You have a great week as well! Great articles recently, btw

  2. Nothing for me in January. I own ETFs :-) Dividends on quarterly basis. 2.7% increase is still good and definitely better than no increase. Looking at your forward dividends ... are you heavy in mutual funds?

  3. Nice site here SD. I appreciate what you are doing as a fellow dividend stock investor. Tom


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