September 2017 Dividends

Hi everyone,

Another month has passed, and it is time to recap the previous month in dividend income. I am happy to do this, as September of 2017 has resulted in me earning my all-time highest dividend income!

I also eclipsed a pretty nice milestone, which I'll get into later.

I am so looking forward to sharing!

On to the update...

Taxable Accounts
WW GraingerGWW9/1/17$16.64
L BrandsLB9/1/17$2.40
Compass MineralsCMP9/15/17$11.52
Flower FoodsFLO9/15/17$20.06
VF CorporationVFC9/18/17$16.80
Prospect CapitalPSEC9/21/17$3.75
Prospect CapitalPSEC9/21/17$16.77
Vanguard High Yield Dividend ETFVYM9/25/17$7.92
Vanguard REIT ETFVNQ9/27/17$5.29
Taxable Accounts Total$192.56
Roth IRA Account
Vanguard High Yield Dividend ETFVYM9/26/17$22.19
Vanguard Growth ETFVUG9/28/17$3.31
T. Rowe PriceTROW9/29/17$8.11
Roth IRA Account Total$33.61
Overall Dividend Income Total$226.17
Forward 12-month Projected Dividend Income Total

My September Transactions:
-Kroger (KR): 6 shares
-Lazard (LAZ): 1 share
-Powershares QQQ ETF (QQQ): 6 shares
-WW Grainger (GWW): 1 share

My buying pace has slowed considerably, since I have started saving for our 2018 wedding, so most of the money is going into a savings account, and the rest is applied toward brokerage accounts.

I am still contributing a regular amount to my Roth IRA, allowing me to purchase shares of QQQ (for more growth exposure). The vast majority of the brokerage money is actually just reinvestment of the dividend money that is coming in.

Hopefully, when much of the newlywed costs are endured, I can resume an increased rate of investment.

Let's take a look at the monthly dividend payment history:


...and in graphical form


Clearly the 3rd month each quarter maxes out my income for that period. Not the most even distribution of dividends! For September of 2016, I pulled in a total of $101.70. Since this past month, the total came to $226.17, which would mean that there has been a year-over-year increase of +122.4%! That sounds pretty good to me!


In the previous quarter for June 2017, my dividend income tallied $198.86, just under $200. This time, as expected, I eclipsed the $200 milestone! With my September 2017 total, there has been a Q/Q increase of +13.7% ! I'd accept a 13+% raise every quarter every time!

In Conclusion:
Once again, I wasn't able to add a lot of fresh capital, as my fresh capital is going into wedding savings. The good news is that there is enough coming in via existing dividends to be able to still contribute substantially to the portfolio, and increase the overall forward 12-month tally.

I wish I could contribute more, but I understand the necessary sacrifice for the wedding and important life events that will follow. What is great is that this machine continue to push along, providing increases in income, even though I am not adding too much fresh capital.

For October, we enter the first month of the next quarter, which will be my lowest amount, but I'll be happy to reinvest the proceeds that will be flowing.

How was your September 2017?  Let me know in the comments!


  1. Nice seeking. That quarter over quarter increase ia awesome. Of course the ur over yr is as well. Keep it up

  2. Awesome job. Over 200 is a good feeling. Every milestone is.
    Glad my profile showed up as at first it wasn’t been having trouble and since you don’t have Name/url login thought I wouldn’t be able to comment but it finally showed up and I can. Since I downloaded an upgrade posting on blogger has been tough at times


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