July 2017 Dividends

Hi everyone,

Thanks again for stopping by. To those of you who are calendar-aware you've noticed that we have entered a new month, so that means it's time for a monthly update on dividend income!

So let's get to it!

Taxable Accounts

My Company's ESPP: 7/11/17 - $72.70
Cardinal Health (CAH): 7/15/17 - $10.17
Prospect Capital (PSEC): 7/20/17 - $20.52
Cisco Systems (CSCO): 7/26/17 - $11.02
New Residential Investment Corp (NRZ): 7/28/17 - $19.50

Taxable Accounts Total: $133.91

Roth IRA Account

iShares S&P Small Cap ETF (IJR): 7/3/17 - $2.91
iShares S&P 500 ETF (IVV): 7/3/17 - $12.47
Cardinal Health (CAH): 7/17/17 - $10.71
Walt Disney (DIS): 7/27/17: $8.64

Roth IRA Account Total: $34.73

Overall Dividend Income Total: $168.64

Forward 12-month Projected Dividend Income: $1,935.78

My July Buys:

Compass Minerals (CMP) - 3 shares
CVS Health (CVS) - 16 shares
WW Grainger (GWW) - 5 shares
L Brands (LB) - 4 shares
Target (TGT) - 8 shares
Williams-Sonoma (WSM) - 19 shares

If you've been reading my dividend income summaries for a bit, you'll notice that the above amounts are quite a bit more than my usual. It's not that I added a huge amount to be invested, a big portion of this is just reallocating funds from my company's ESPP (Employee Stock Purchase Plan). That amount that I was holding in that account had grown close to $3,500 and I figured it was time to reallocate (our company yield is on the low side, and they only pay dividends once a year, and there isn't much dividend growth, so I prefer to have that money with DGI stocks that pay once per quarter, have a higher yield, and have yearly increases).

Most of the stocks are existing positions, but I decided to nibble a bit on L Brands (LB), as the yield was attractive and their products are items that are considered more like staples than luxury items (underwear/intimate apparel). They have been struggling recently, so I am just holding and monitoring the situation.

I'm still working on rebuilding up my emergency fund, after taking care of some surprise expenses. Thus, I'm not expecting to do a bunch of adding, until I get the emergency fund built back up to cover multiple months of expenses. Also we are starting to kick in the saving for the 2018 wedding, so progress may be quite a bit slower over the coming months.

My thoughts on my July 2017 results
July, as the first month in the quarter, is typically my worst month in the quarter, but this time, I benefited from the payout of my annual dividend from the ESPP, which pushed my totals well over their normal amount. But hey, not that I'm complaining!

Let's take a look


...and in graphical form

Although, it was helped along by my ESPP annual payout, there was still growth otherwise.

For July 2017, I pulled in a total of $51.37. My July 2017 income resulted in a rather nice increase of +228.3%. "Rather nice" being an obvious understatement!

Even without the ESPP dividend, my year over year increase would have still been +86.8%, still pretty awesome.

3 months ago, for April 2017, my income was $64.56, so in the last 3 months, my income has increased by +161.2%.

Even without the ESPP, this increase is still +48.6%. Still awesome.

In Conclusion:
So this was the month of my ESPP, clearly. I was able to reap the benefit of the annual dividend payout, but then also reallocate the funds of that ESPP to other DGI stock with more frequent dividend payouts and more frequent dividend raises, with some even having a higher yield. This should allow my portfolio and dividend income to grow at a faster rate. This will help me reach my financial independence goal sooner.

With the first month of the quarter being my typical lowest income month for the quarter, July was pretty good, but this means it only gets better from here for August and September! I fully expect to exceed the $200 for September, which I just missed in June.

But first things first, let's take it a month at a time, on to August!

How was your July? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. You put up a solid figure for the "slow" month of July. We all are coming off our June highs :) Keep up the good work and I see you have been picking up many solid names that have been hurting. I guess KR is one name that other have been buying too. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the comment Keith, and thanks for the encouragement. KR is near the top of my watch list, I definitely may jump in pretty soon.

  2. Nice month and massive year over year growth. Keep it up. Great idea to reallocate your employee fund. Cheers

  3. Great year-over-year dividend income increase. I like the stock buys you added. Nice work.


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