February 2022 Dividends

  Hello everyone, Wow, it's nice to be back. As the younger ones say, it's been a minute. My last update was back in June 2021, a good 8 months ago. Before I get into anything further, I do want to thank you as always for stopping by. Where have I been? It's a combination of other life things getting in the way, and laziness unfortunately. Thankfully, I have the time now to get back into this and provide my dividend update. Even though I had stopped providing updates, the dividends haven't stopped (thankfully), as you will see later on. Enough about that, let's get to the update.  My dividend income summary for February 2022: February 2022 Dividend Summary Taxable Accounts Company Symbol Date Amount CVS Health CVS 2/1/2022 $80.30 AT&T T 2/1/2022 $39.52 Verizon VZ 2/1/2022 $84.48 Quest Diagnostics DGX 2/2/2022 $50.84 Apple AAPL 2/10/2022 $3.52 Abbott Labs ABT 2/15/2022 $8.46 Procter & Gamble PG 2/15/2022 $14.79 William-Sonoma WSM 2/25/2022 $23.43 Ameriprise A